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Marketing of technologies

As a professional team, we are always attentive to the development and application of new technologies in the fields of automation, digital industry and Internet of Things. We offer a full range of services designed to professionally cover all aspects of the technology. This allows our customers to fully concentrate on their core business.

Our experts with over 10 years of experience give companies the opportunity to generate revenues from a new research within a very short time, minimal risks and costs, to work in a customer-oriented and flexible manner, to be up to the challenges of marketing.

Decision optimization

The importance of data has increased significantly in recent years. One of the biggest challenges is the intelligent evaluation and use of large amounts of data in the corporate environment. Business-Intelligence makes it possible to forecast future developments at an early stage and to identify complex patterns in the data.

With Agile-Process as well as successful experiences from 'SAAS' for many years, we can provide our customers with fast '' phase results '', meanwhile keep constant refinement of their needs and finally the most suitable solution.

Strategy Management

For us, strategy is not just a word, but experience of numerous international projects, we have already prepared for you integrative applicable solutions for your individual business models:

  • conception
  • implementation
  • support

Risk quantification

With the help of the Global Financial Information Exchange System, we have developed a flexible and customer-oriented strategy quantification system, so we will serve our clients to continuously reduce the risks during their FX trade.

Business Support

An intense understanding of local culture and the harmonious social relationship are increasingly important cornerstones for business expansion between East and West.

From start-up over corporate identity, tax consulting, IT support to a complete ERP implementation, dxCloud offers complete solutions.

Trust in us means ...

professional advice
individual solutions
concise planning
efficient work
successful execution
long-term support